HW Virtual Serial Port

HW Virtual Serial Port 3.1

HW Virtual Serial Port allows creating virual serial port drivers
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HW Virtual Serial Port is a one-of-a-kind piece of software that allows you to emulate an unrestricted virtual serial port driver meant especially to be read and used by TCP/IP devices. This application is basically a driver that creates and adds a virtual serial port to the system. You can choose the port name from COM3 to COM200. The emulated serial port will also be capable of redirecting the received data via a TCP/IP network to another hardware device or interface specified by its IP address and port number.

I like its neat interface that makes setting up a virtual serial port a very simple and easy job. There’s nothing complicated about using this tool. It can also be automatically launched at Windows startup and be set to unobtrusively run while being minimized to the system tray area.

Another remarkable advantage provided by this application is that the emulated driver can operate both as a TCP client and as a TCP server, which comes in handy especially to GPRS applications, but not only. I also like about it the fact that its settings will be saved and stored in an INI file, which means that they can be easily transferred to another PC. Furthermore, the launching of the application can be conditioned by the entering of a password, which helps you protect your personal virtual serial port creation settings.

As you can see, this neat application is great for many purposes as it makes it easy to emulate virtual serial ports and redirect their data via TCP/IP connections.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Neat, easy-to-use interface
  • Its settings are saved to an INI file
  • Can be password-protected


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